The Gordon Drive area is one of the most beautiful sections of Naples. Located adjacent to the magnificent Port Royal enclave, it contains some of the finest single-family estates in the area. Gordon Drive, includes three smaller subdivisions; Sabre Cay, Little Harbour, and Gordon Drive Estates.

Gordon Drive is the single entry to the area, thus creating excellent security and privacy for residents. Since the neighborhood was developed over time, it actually consists of multiple small subdivisions on both sides of Gordon Drive. On the beach side, you’ll find the largest Gulf front estates in Naples. Some of these majestic homes were built by the Midwestern winter residents who helped shape the face of Naples in the 1950s, but the majority of the structures are more recent. The idyllic settings are a true tropical paradise with gently swaying palm trees spread over a large expanse of green grass, and beyond to the beach. It is not uncommon to find celebrities or well known business moguls as the owners of these beach estates.

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